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HS-5645MG High Torque, Metal Gear Digital Sport Servo

This is the HS-5645MG Digital High Torque Metal Gear Servo from Hitec. The digital version of our popular 645 is the HS-5645MG, featuring a programmable digital circuit and our custom MP/metal gear train technology. The HS-5645MG will deliver higher resolution and torque than its analog brother.

Transit time: 0.23 sec/ 60 deg. @ 4.8V (0.18 sec/deg @ 6V)
Torque: 143.0 oz/in @ 4.8V (168.0 oz/in @ 6V)
Weight: 60.0g (2.11 oz)
Length: 40.6mm (1.59")
Width: 19.8mm (0.77")
Height: 37.8mm (1.48")

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